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It’s easy to fall in love with Cambodia, with its jungle-tangled temples, white sandy beaches, lush green mountains, small dusty towns and wonderful warm-hearted people. The Temples of Angkor are the main draw here, and these often feature in a wider Southeast Asia holiday encompassing neighbouring countries such as Thailand, Vietnam or Laos.


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Cambodia is a country of contrasts, from world-class luxury hotels to rustic guesthouses, astonishing temples to pristine beaches, small shanty villages to elegant French colonial architecture – and herein lies its charm.  And the genuine smiles and warm welcome of the delightful people are as integral to a trip here as any of the famous sights.

The temples of Angkor, which lie outside Siem Reap, are the biggest draw and surely a highlight of any Cambodian holiday. However there are numerous other wonderful sites and destinations to satisfy all interests in this country, from the museums of Phnom Penh to the lush interior of the North, the fishing villages of Tonle Sap (one of Asia's largest freshwater lakes), cruising down the Mekong River or just lazing on the beach.
Cambodia holidays are usually combined with Thailand and/or Vietnam, and sometimes Laos.  Most travellers will just visit Siem Reap for the Temples of Angkor, some may go on to Phnom Penh, and a few on to the backpacker beach haven of Sihanoukville.  Beyond these areas, tourism is still in its infancy so travelling around is time consuming and accommodation tends to be rustic and charming rather than luxurious.  Nevertheless with a spirit of adventure you can have a fantastic Cambodia family holiday.

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Some of our Favourite Areas in Cambodia


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