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Known as The Land of the Thunder Dragon, landlocked Bhutan was isolated from the outside world until the early 1970s and even today only a few lucky people have visited this incredible country. 


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The Bhutanese people have a strong sense of cultural tradition that binds the kingdom and distinguishes it from its larger neighbours. Located within the Himalayan range and bordered by China to the north and India to the south, Bhutan has managed to keep the modern world in check.  This is due in large part to its strong roots in Vairayana Buddhism, which has a profound influence on everyday life within the country, with colourful festivals and mask dancing in the temples. Many ancient Buddhist treasures are housed in fascinating castle-like Dzongs, ancient fortresses now serving as monasteries and administrative offices. 
Bhutan has many mountain peaks over 7000 metres and low lying plains, weathered fertile valleys, high mountain passes and dense pine forests which all combine to make Bhutan an excellent trekking country.
Western Bhutan is better geared up for tourists than the east, with the centres of Paro and Thimpu being the more cosmopolitan places to visit. The further east you travel, the more rural Bhutan becomes with small towns like Trongsa and Punakha showcasing some fine Bhutanese architecture with their magnificent Dzongs. Bumthang has some of the best trekking in the country and it is well worth spending a few days here experiencing the wild side of Bhutan.
There are a few stunning luxury hotels and several simpler guesthouses; the food is rice-based and the chilli is used as a vegetable, not as a spice, with the national (chilli-heavy) dish of Ema Datsi coming with every meal. Due to its pristine environment and harmonious society, the tiny kingdom of Bhutan has regularly been called the Last Shangri La.

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