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Without question Asia is the honeymoon capital of the world.  With truly excellent hotels offering exquisite service and personal attention, stunning beaches, and plenty of awe-inspiring sights to visit if you are so inclined, Asia is the perfect location in which to recover from your wedding and embark on your new life together. 
As Asia is so vast and varied, whenever you are planning to visit for your honeymoon, there will always be an area that is absolutely perfect at that time of year.  Whether you are looking to relax on a tranquil white sandy beach with warm turquoise waters lapping the shore, or trek through the snowy Himalayas, sip a cocktail onboard the Eastern and Oriental Express and watch the beautiful scenery flow past, watch the sunrise over the mighty 12th-century temple complex of Angkor Wat, or hop between tropical islands offering world class diving and glorious beaches, Asia has it all.

Service in this part of the is world is genuinely outstanding, therefore wherever you choose to go on your Asia Honeymoon you can be assured that you will be exquisitely looked after.  Your money also stretches a little bit further in Asia than in some other continents (such as Africa), meaning you get that little bit more luxury for your budget, whether it's an upgrade to the private pool suite, or dinner on a private beach...

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Your Asia honeymoon has to be perfect and we at Asia Odyssey are here to make sure that your dreams for your Asian honeymoon become reality.  We don't sell any pre-packaged honeymoons at all, everything we do is tailor-made and therefore designed to suit your preferences.  We will do our utmost to give you a true flavour of the various Asian destinations that we offer to make sure that you find the ideal fit for your honeymoon.

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Although we tailor-make all our trips we have reproduced a number of popular itineraries here

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