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Straddling the Equator between the Indian and Pacific Oceans, this astonishing country is a rich kaleidoscope of islands, landscapes, cultures, art, languages, wildlife, customs and cuisines all rolled up together to produce a fabulous travel destination offering something for everyone.


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With over 17,000 islands all lapped by clear blue seas, and with spices and flowers scenting the air, a holiday to Indonesia is as delightful as it is diverse.  With ancient religious monuments, incredible wildlife, active volcanoes, traditional customs and ways of life, fabulous cuisine and some of the best diving the world, this is a perfect destination for an incredible Indonesia honeymoon - everyone is enchanted by Indonesia.

With its charming people and stunning scenery, this country has a way of casting its spell over you and we are confident that an Indonesia holiday can offer the ideal combination of relaxation, intrigue and adventure.  For those interested in what goes on underwater as well as on land, Indonesia offers some of the world's best diving and we can recommend some beautiful live-aboard boats which can offer a truly unique Asian honeymoon experience.

Indonesia has two seasons, wet and dry.  The dry season falls from May to October and is the time to visit most of Indonesia, when you will generally have clear blue skies and a lack of rainfall.  If there is rain it wll normally come in short, sharp afternoon showers. During the wet season it might rain for days on end, but then again you could have several days of clear skies! 

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