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Asia Safaris

The vast region of Asia is home to some of the most iconic, diverse and unique wildlife on the planet.  Both on land and in the sea, the sheer diversity of the wildlife is enthralling.
When thinking of an Asia safari we might think of orang-utans in Borneo or giant pandas in China - however the continent has so much more to offer!  Japanese snow monkeys lazing around in their steamy pools, elusive Bengali tigers in the parks of Central India and Nepal, famous Komodo Dragons in Indonesia, bizarre-looking proboscis monkeys in Borneo, endangered rhinos, Asian Elephants in Sri Lanka and Thailand plus a pygmy version in Borneo, magnificent Green Turtles coming ashore to lay their eggs, and gibbons in northern Cambodia - the range of remarkable wildlife viewing available will take your breath away.

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An Asian wildlife adventure is quite different from, say, an African safari, where you might see vast herds of wildebeest crossing enormous plains.  By contrast, an Asian wildlife experience tends to be more up close and personal, and might include elephant back riding, watching Giant Turtles lay their eggs, cuddling baby pandas, playing with mischievous monkeys or diving with scores of colourful fish on vibrant coral reefs.

By comparison with the luxury accommodation available in Africa, the accommodation in Asian national parks can be a little on the rustic side.  However the lodges always suit their environment and blend harmoniously with the natural surroundings. The standard does tend to differ between countries: Borneo has some excellent lodges located inside the national parks, whereas in some places in Indonesia you might be lucky to get hot water...  Such inconveniences have to be considered in context - you are there for the wildlife not for the luxury - and as all part of the big adventure!

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