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Part of former French Indochina and known as the Land of a Million Elephants, Laos is a serene and gentle country as yet untouched by the frantic pace of the 21st century.  Combining spectacular natural scenic beauty, fascinating cities, UNESCO World Heritage Sites and warm and friendly people, it is an absolute jewel of a destination and one of our favourites in Southeast Asia.


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With its magnificent wats (temples) and monasteries, saffron-robed monks, old royal palaces, French colonial architecture, beautiful scenery, gentle pace of life and friendly welcoming people, Laos is totally delightful and definitely one of our favourite countries in Asia.

Most visitors will visit only Luang Prabang (some may also visit Vientiane) and most combine it with Thailand and/or Vietnam and also a Cambodia holiday.  It is entirely possible to make Laos a destination in its own right and explore the country more thoroughly, but travelling around is very time-consuming and can be frustrating at times.  Laos moves to its own sense of time, not ours!  The best time to visit for your Asia holiday is between November and April.

Cruises are available along the Mekong River, from Houei Say on the border with Thailand to Luang Prabang, and also the Vat Phou Cruise from Pakse in the far south.  The Wat Phou ruins at Champasak are one of the highlights of this cruise, along with the Four Thousand Islands and the rare freshwater river dolphins.

Some of our Favourite Laos Lodges

Some of our Favourite Areas of Laos


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