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Japan, the Land of the Rising Sun is a fascinating country whose rich history and culture stretch back thousands of years. The old and new, past and future, tradition and innovation all blend together here like a cultural Galapagos.


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Honshu Island in the centre of Japan holds most of the attractions that visitors to this incredible country would want to see, including the hustle and bustle of modern day Tokyo with its gleaming skyscrapers sitting side by side with smoky old temples, and iconic snow-capped Mount Fuji standing majestically in the background.  Further west is the ancient capital of Kyoto with its historic temples, peaceful gardens and mesmerising Geishas, close by is the industrial city of Osaka, known as the Kitchen of the Nation. Japan's famous snow monkeys can be found relaxing in the open air springs close to Yudanaka.
The northern island of Hokkaido has a much cooler climate than the south of the country, offering a pleasant contrast and a welcome relief from the hot summers of Honshu and Kyushu.  There are several national parks here with calm and beautiful scenery, perfect for strolling or trekking and enjoying mother nature. Winter is when this area really comes to life though, with excellent skiing and many local festivities including the Sapporo Snow Festival, when the city is taken over by giant ice sculptures.

Kyushu in the smouldering south has a charming landscape of rural villages, small temples and tropical islands stretching down into the China Sea towards Taiwan, and is perfect for some rest and relaxation.
The ideal time for a holiday to Japan is in spring, for the much-anticipated cherry blossom season (sakura), when this delicate pink and white blossom captivates the entire country.  Staying in a ryokan (traditional inn) will give you a brief yet wonderful taste of Japanese culture.

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