Borneo Honeymoon

With amazing wildlife and stunning beaches, Borneo makes for an ideal adventure & beach honeymoon combination.   An adventurer’s paradise, Borneo has orangutans, local tribal people to visit, rivers to cruise down, coral reefs to dive and of course those gorgeous beaches for a spot of relaxation.
      The two Malaysian states of Sabah and Sarawak are renowned for their dense rainforest with unique flora and fauna and therefore can offer a real adventurous Borneo honeymoon.  Accommodation in the more remote areas does tend towards the rustic and simple, but the surroundings, location and wildlife viewing of some of Asia's most rarest species such as the orangutan, proboscis monkey and pygmy elephant more than make up for the lack of luxury. 
Borneo also boasts some truly spectacular coastlines and Sabah in particular has a selection of idyllic beachside honeymoon hideaways with world class dive sites that have an abundance of marine life.  Being relatively small, it is also very easy to get around and journey times between the various hotspots are not long, which makes for an easygoing Borneo honeymoon but one still full of excitement.    

Some of our Favourite Borneo Honeymoon Lodges

Some of our Favourite Borneo Honeymoon Areas




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