Sarawak is the largest of the Malaysian states but also the least visited; its interior is covered in a thicket of impenetrable jungle and rocky mountains that give an air of mystery this region.
Most of the sights are within striking distance of the capital Kuching, which is ideal if you only have a few days in which to see the incredible wildlife and culture here. We recommend taking the time for an overnight stay in an Iban Longhouse, or a visit to witness the bizarre Proboscis Monkeys for yourself, and/or a few days jetting off to explore the strange magic of Mulu National Park. (see below).
The Sarawak Museum is one of the best cultural museums in South East Asia, built in 1891 by the second Rajah of Sarawak on the edge of what is now old Kuching. The museum has excellent displays and information on the indigenous tribes, flora and fauna as well as general history of the state as well. There’s a small canteen and a great souvenir shop on the corner as well.
Bako National Park is easily reached from Kuching. It is an amazing national park, only accessible by boat landing on a deserted beach. The park has a stunningly diverse landscape as well as flora and fauna, but the real draw here are the odd looking Proboscis Monkeys - these large, red primates can be seen up in the trees as they swing from branch to branch. There are several paths you can take around the park ranging from short to much longer routes. There is a canteen on site which serves up good Malaysian food, but you can also ask your hotel to make a packed lunch for you.The Kuching Wetlands Parkis composed of coastal marine and freshwater ecosystems which you explore by boat .  You float gently through the mangrove forests in the hope of catching a glimpse of some of the primates that live here, including the Silver Leaf Langurs.
The Semengoh Nature Reserve,
 an hour or so from Kuching, is one of the best places to see Orangutan in a semi wild setting. This park brings in captive animals and rehabilitates them such that they can be set back into the wild; the orang-utan is one of the main mammals here. Feeding times are in the morning or afternoon and can be easily included with a trip down to Batang Ai.
Batang Ai National Park is one of the most popular overnight excursions from Kuching, here you will be able to interact with local Iban tribes and visit their longhouses and learn more about these tribe’s people and their culture. The area is mainly only accessible by boat and gently gliding through the lush forest spotting wild primates and birds is all part of the experience. This is one of the more relaxing parks in Sarawak and has a very calming feel to it.
Mulu National Park is located in the interior of Sarawak, close to the border with Brunei and hidden under a blanket of jungle. Only accessible by plane, Mulu National Park is famous for its limestone karst formations and home to some of the largest caves in the world. The park is deathly silent most of the time and suddenly broken by the calls of gibbons, hornbills and bats that become active at night; an incredible thing to witness. There are very few places to stay in the park, most being homestays, but there are a couple of adequate options in which to relax in after a day of trekking through this incredible landscape.

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