Chiang Mai & the North

The north of Thailand is really very different from the south. It is an oasis of peace and calm, with paddy fields stretching out as far as the eye can see, all in the midst of high green craggy mountains and small hill tribe villages dotted around.
This is an excellent area to learn more about the wonderful Thai people and their customs, and is also the adventure capital of the country  - jungle treks, elephant riding, river rafting are all available here. You can  pick up interesting authentic curios at local hill tribe markets and enjoy great accommodation options, all while making the most of the superb views of Thai countryside; this area is like no other in Thailand.
Chiang Mai is the capital of this region and most people spend a few days here, relaxing in this peaceful city, before heading off to other parts of the region. Chiang Mai itself doesn’t have many sites - a few temples and monasteries that can easily be seen in a morning -  you will come here for what lies beyond. The surrounding area has a wealth of culture that is unrivalled in this part of Asia, and makes for a truly unique Thailand Honeymoon. Things to See and Do:

Chiang Mai is famous for its cooking schools, with some of the best in the country located up here in the northern highlands. The schools are all very informal, normally conducted in small groups - perfect for families! You learn and cook with your fellow classmates; the days normally begin with a trip to a small local market to buy the ingredients for the day, then you learn about their various uses before going back to the school for some fun cooking before finishing the day off with a feast!
The Golden Triangle borders Laos and Burma,  historically famed for its opium trade, it is also now an excellent spot from which to begin trekking through the lush countryside here to numerous small hill tribe villages. It is possible to take a leisurely boat ride up the Mekong from here to Luang Prabang in Laos.
Mae Hong Son is a secluded village located high in the mountains west of Chiang Mai, usually reached via a winding road up through the misty mountains. You arrive at a lush green valley famed for its trekking, then set out to find small hill tribe villages. You can also do a loop back to Chiang Mai through Pai in the north, to see more of this extraordinary countryside.

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