Shanghai, China's future city, dazzles all her visitors, beckoning millions with promises of glamour, wealth and reinvention...
With its cosmopolitan atmosphere, sophisticated restaurants, museums and small designer shops, Shanghai feels a world away from other Chinese cities. This is China's 21st Century city.

Shanghai, like all megacities, can be overwhelming at times,  but it's a simple city to navigate. At its centre is the historic Waterfront Bund, famous from Shanghai's heyday in the 1920's, when it was the place to be in Asia. There is plenty of 1920's and 1930's architecture still in evidence, providing a glimpse into Shanghai's glamorous past.

Things to See and Do:

The Shanghai Museum provides an insight into the traditions of Chinese art and culture with excellent displays of art, porcelain and temporary art exhibitions.
We recommend an odd little detour to visit the Shanghai Urban Planning Museum, where you can see a massive to scale model of an ideal Shanghai of 2020...

The Yuyuan Gardens and Bazaar is one of Shanghai's premier attractions, founded in the 16th Century by a rich Ming Dynasty Government Official. Today the gardens are full of pavilions, gleaming pools teaming with carp, rockeries and shaded alcoves.
Outside Shanghai you will find some of the most beautiful small towns and cities in China. Zhen Ze is a historically authentic town with a small river running through the centre of the town. The many old buildings are still occupied and it is a lovely town to walk around.
Zhouzhuang is one of the oldest water towns in and around Shanghai, sometimes known as Venice of China, a beautiful town but very popular with Chinese tourists. The Double Bridge is one of the key highlights of the town and one of the iconic images.
Suzhou, once the capital of the Wu Kingdom, is famed for its beautiful gardens and traditional waterside buildings; its Classical Gardens are now a UNESCO World Heritage Site, with the Humble Administrator's Garden being one of the major highlights of Suzhou as well as the Lingering Gardens. A night or two in Suzhou is a good alternative to staying in the hustle and bustle of Shanghai at the end of your China holiday.

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