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Pulau Penang owes everything to the spice trade that over the centuries has shaped the island, its people, its economy and its amazing blend of food with Chinese, Malay, and Indian influences. 
Georgetown the capital of the island is now in part a UNESCO World Heritage Site, because of its unique architecture and culture exemplifying everything that the island is about.

Some of the best hotels sit perfectly on Penang’s great beaches like Batu Ferringhi and are a great spot to sit back and relax at the end of your Malaysian holiday. The island is easy to venture around and away from its main sites you will find a charming mix of sleepy villages and quaint fishing ports.

Things to See and Do:

Georgetown was one of three Strait settlements that were founded by Francis Light back in 1786 and soon became one of the principal cities in the Far East for trading, especially in Spices. Now a UNESCO World Heritage City, the cultural side of Georgetown is unsurpassed and the ethnic Malay, Chinese, Indians and the Nyonya all merging together to create an exciting and diverse city that will tantalise the senses. Famed for its historical buildings, most in use today as living museums and old Chinese Clan houses, which are being restored to their former glory. The food in Penang is the best in the country and best sampled at night in the busy Hawker Centres, where you will be able to taste this incredibly diverse cuisine. Georgetown has a profusion of religious sites of different dominations from Buddhist, Islam, Hindu, Chinese and Christian places of worship and most are side by side. If you are in town during a religious festival you could be in for a treat of colour, sound and excitement, a sight not to be missed. But the real joy of Georgetown is simply walking around the historical area and marvelling at it and its people.
The Botanical Gardens are not far from the beach area and Georgetown and can easily be visited by public transport. An interesting excursion with a beautiful small waterfall close by.

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