Central and Highlands

The central highlands of Malaysia often get overlooked in favour of the beach resorts, which is a shame as they have a lot to offer -  there is more to see in this beautiful, unspoilt region of Malaysia than many people appreciate.  
Central Malaysia and the highlands are a nature lover's dream, with steaming jungles, flowing rivers, rolling fields of tea plantations and moss-covered pine forests... all within a couple of hours of KL. One of Malaysia’s best kept secrets is Tamana Negara, the oldest rainforest in the world and an adventurer's playground; there is so much to see and do here that  two nights may not be enough.
With jungle walks during the day and night, canopy walking, cruising on the Sungai Tahan to Lata Berkoh, exploring hidden caves and even fishing for your supper are just some of the exciting excursions you can do once you are inside the national park. The sheer diversity of flora, fauna and wildlife inside the park is unsurpassable and with the Orang Asli, the original inhabitants who still live a nomadic lifestyle and hunt and forage inside the park. If you cannot make it across to Borneo then Taman Negara is the next best alternative for a Malaysia holiday.
The Cameron Highlands set high in the hills north of KL are a welcome retreat from the humidity and heat of the plains below, especially after a trip inside Taman Negara. The area is famed for its tea plantations and here you will see field upon field rolling off into the distance of tea plants, a wonderful sight. A tour of a tea plantation is one of the many activities you can do whilst relaxing in the fresh hills of the Cameron Highlands. With long or short treks available through moss covered dense forests or over the hills and tea plantations. The area has many colonial style properties which will give you a sense of being anywhere but in Malaysia.  

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